Hello, I’m Maryanne!

I am an intuitive, teacher and author, who discovered the power of intuition in my own healing when I was challenged by severe Environmental Illness. In order to regain my tolerance to the modern world, I had to live in a ‘bubble’ for several years where, during this time of isolation from the world, I developed my intuition so that I could discover the thoughts, feelings and memories, that were woven into my illness.

As I recovered, I discovered that my sensitivity could actually help people… not just make me sick!

I have called upon my intuition to serve babies before they are born, those who are recovering from childhood trauma and those who are facing death.. And I have worked to help health care professionals understand illness from a mind/body/spirit point of view through teaching ‘Intuition in Healing’ and ‘MindBody Healing’ in many Australian universities and hospitals.

I have a Master’s in Social Work degree and have studied/been certified in number of modalities, including, Guided Imagery (David Bressler,Ph.D)., Career Planning (Richard Bolles), Emotional Freedom Technique, An Uncompromised Life Hypnotherapy (Marisa Peer) and have taken a number of professional development courses in Trauma Healing through NICABM.

You can learn more about me on the “Meet Maryanne” page.

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Kind Words

You are an extraordinary woman with extraordinary gifts, not the least of which are your huge heart and your Havening skills! It was an honor being your teacher and mentor through your certification journey. I’m so excited to see your continued contribution to the world!

Elena Salzman Kindler, Certified Havening Touch trainer,  February, 2023

I don’t think I have met anyone before who can read so deeply into what I never knew I knew. After a session with Maryanne, I feel a new sense of clarity and self worth that is utterly transformative. I feel truly heard, safe and cherished. Thank you Maryanne.

Lucy Moon, UK, 2022

Maryanne is by far the most powerful practitioner I have come across in my 10+ years of exploring different modalities. Each session with Maryanne untangles generations of knots that keep me from living my life fully.

Maryanne has an exceptional capacity to create an environment that makes each individual feel fully safe, seen, and completely supported. This environment – based on Maryanne’s infinitely compassionate presence, incredibly intuitive nature, and soulful connection – accelerates healing.  

Anna Smith, Europe, 2021

Magic Maryanne saves the day again! Our chat was like hitting a bullseye! Always so grateful for your life changing work.
Laura Hughes, New Zealand.  August 2022
I just wanted to share with you the HUGE shift that I have felt and has been demonstrated in my life since our session. Something really big has changed. Thank you so much. You are an incredible force of spirit, connection, love and intuition. I only wish everyone had access to this insight and power to release and connect. 
Romy Renzow, Melbourne, Australia, 2022
It always feels amazing and profound to work with you – Karl Renzow, Melbourne Australia, 2022
I’ve just read your article (Embodiment before Birth) and I am so astounded at how much I resonate with your words and what you describe. So much of how I’ve felt my entire life is reflected in your words. It is as if someone has just turned on a light in a very dark room and I see perhaps the way through the space. 
Marci Traylor, USA, 2022

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With an open heart, I would love to connect with you.