Is it true that babies before birth have feelings? And can they communicate them? Can babies before birth feel frightened to come into their bodies and be on this earth? If so, can we help them? And is it true that sometimes mothers have trouble feeling love for their babies, even though they want to feel this love?


For 27 years, I’ve worked as a birth intuitive. I love connecting with babies before they are born and sharing all that they are feeling with their mothers.

Mothers generally come to a Birth Intuition session with three questions:

Is my baby happy?

If s/he is struggling, how can I help?

If I am struggling to relate to my child, how can I help myself?

I intuitively connect with your baby, listening carefully to what the baby is feeling and saying, and wants to convey to their mother. If the baby is frightened, we can work together to consider how to help. What exactly does the baby need to feel better about coming earth-side?

One baby had his hands over his ears and said, “I don’t want to hear it”.

His mother immediately knew why. The father has a very loud voice, and though he wanted to have a child, would often say, “Now I don’t want this baby to affect our social life. We need to still go out to parties”. We asked the father to lower his voice, and say different things, and two weeks later, the baby did not have his hands over his ears, and his body was so relaxed.

Sometimes it is the mother who feels frightened, and it is a relief for her to acknowledge this to someone else. Many mothers have said to me, “I can’t feel anything for him, for her. I feel numb”. While these mothers truly want to feel connected, their bodies feel frozen in fear, and often this fear relates to their own pre-birth experience.

As the mother feels and finds her way through this fear, the baby feels the opening, and healing occurs – and sometimes this means healing trauma that has been passed from one generation to another. The chain is finally broken!

Sometimes a baby simply wants to say that she is very happy to be coming into life, and to give some practical information. One mother was hoping her baby would arrive on a certain date. When asked, the baby said, “NO”, she would not come on June 28th, but she promised she would be here by the end of the day on July 11th. She arrived at 11:55 on July 11th!

And sometimes a baby wants to confirm that she is fine, even though everything around her isn’t. This was the case when a mother found out she was pregnant, and the baby’s father had committed suicide five minutes before. She spent the next seven months feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Her baby, though, was fine, incredibly resilient, and seemed like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Her mother named her Phoenix in honor of what she received in the Birth Intuition session.

In a Birth Intuitions session, mothers can expect to receive:

1)Clarity about what their babies are feeling

2)Healing protocols to help a baby release any fear s/he has

3)Healing protocols for a mother who feels challenged in connecting with her child

4)Peace of mind

5)Joy You can book a session or arrange a complimentary chat via my website. I’ve answered a number of frequently asked questions here, including prices. However, if you do have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d be more than happy to help.

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