Maryanne Sea is an intuitive, teacher and author, who discovered the power of intuition in healing when she was challenged by severe Environmental Illness. In order to regain her tolerance to the modern world. she had to live in a ‘bubble’ for several years where, during this time of isolation from the world,  she discovered the profound connection between her thoughts, feelings, memories and her chemical sensitivity.

 When she recovered, she began completing Intuitive Readings for people of all ages, including children and infants, in many different countries.  She introduced ‘Intuition in Healing’, a course for health professionals at many Australian hospitals and lectured and taught at several Australian universities. She coordinated the MindBody Healing course in the first Master’s Degree in Wellness program in the world at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where the Director of the program wrote, ‘Maryanne’s knowledge and passion for the field of Mind-Body Medicine is unsurpassed.’

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Maryanne’s Work

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Maryanne Sea learned the power of intuition when she was challenged by extreme Environmental Illness. Diagnosed at age 27, she weighed 70 lbs and was unable to tolerate chemicals, most foods and natural substances such as mold and dust. In order to recover, she lived in a ‘bubble’, a room stripped of everything associated with modern life.

In this room, she learned to call upon and trust the power of her own intuition. It became her guiding light, helping her make decisions significant to her recovery.  

Over time, Maryanne called upon her intuition in another way – to unravel the emotional, mental and spiritual patterns woven into her illness.  Her healing depended  on avoiding chemicals and certain foods but also on discovering how her thoughts, feelings and relationship to life itself, related to this illness.  

When Maryanne recovered, she began to offer Intuitive Readings to others, working with people of all ages and in many different countries. Learn more about Maryanne’s Readings here.

She also began teaching courses in ‘MindBody Healing’ and ‘Intuition in Healing’ at many hospitals and also at several universities in Australia, including RMIT University, Melbourne, Australian Catholic University, Sydney and Notre Dame University, Perth.

She became the first Coordinator of the ‘MindBody Healing’ course in the world’s first online Master’s in Wellness degree program at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Finally, she championed the introduction of Guided Imagery into Australian hospitals and completed the first research project into the effectiveness of Guided Imagery in an Australian hospital. She subsequently completed another research project and produced a Relaxation and Guided Imagery DVD.

BA, High Honors, Trinity University,  USA
MSW (Master’s in Social Work),
University of Michigan, USA
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, National Honor Society, USA

Professional Associations
(while working in Australia)
Australian Association of Social Workers
American Association of Holistic Nurses
Imagery International, USA

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