2016 – 2018 Testimonials

‘Dear Maryanne. I want to thank you for the readings we had during pregnancy. It’s hard to put into writing the importance of the deep trust and understanding it brought me. It helped me connect and bond in such a big way with our baby and alleviated unnecessary concerns. From the bottom of my heart…thank you so very much.’ – R.R., Melbourne, Australia

‘Once again, thank you for such an incredible experience. i’ve undergone many ‘healing sessions’ in the past, but your work is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Truly, you are a remarkably gifted woman and a gift to us all! THANK YOU.’ – C.O., Sydney, Australia

‘I just went out and sent you more money for my Reading yesterday.  It is worth absolutely more than that. I have spent money on things that are more expensive and have not given me so much value. So I want to honor you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being in my life. The whole reading so deeply resonates with me and I just feel incredibly blessed that I can work on healing this in this life time.’ – K.P., Spain

‘Maryanne. I really want to thank you for the blessing of your reading. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to grow on this planet with people like you. It’s wonderful. I have no words for the love that you’ve shown me during this reading. You’re very special. And I know I’m special too, and I really want to live here to experience all the amazing things that life has to show me. I’m blessed. A huge hug.’- E.G., Portugal

‘Thank you so much. You are a gifted healer.’- T.K., USA

‘I think you are a genius and I sometimes lapse into states of deep gratitude that I get to know you and receive your help.’- M. M., Massachusetts, USA

‘Thank you so much for your energy and your amazing ability to shine light on parts of me that I didn’t even know existed. I can’t help but think that this journey of listening and knowing how I really feel will lead to some of the most powerful healing, it has already helped me so much!’ – A.J., Darwin, Australia

‘Maryanne is so talented at healing and has so many strings to her bow. There’s no one like her and her abilities. I’ve worked with her for over 15 years and she has helped me grow and heal. The BrainIllumine session helped me look at a wound from a different angle and take practical steps to continue the healing process. She’s amazing, there isn’t much more I can say!’ – V.R., Inverness, Scotland

‘Maryanne has an amazing intuitive ability to gaze straight into the truth of issues, truths not always apparent to others. She gently guides and encourages self discovery so that I always leave our conversations empowered and enthusiastic about positive changes I know I can make in my life.’ – M.Z., Darwin, Australia

‘Many thanks Maryanne for the time today. Moving into, and directly experiencing the isolation/aloneness in my tissues themselves is behind the exploration I have already done, and I so appreciate you pointing towards it. I write because I want to acknowledge the huge impact your readings have had over the years and continue to have on my life. Every reading offers something deeply illuminating in terms of better understanding myself. I feel incredibly safe knowing that our readings together provide me with the opportunity to continue to shed light on this journey of life. I often tell friends and family it offers me so much more that just ‘counselling’, or therapy of any kind, your intuition is shockingly spot on and helps me to use practical methods to navigate the challenges in my life. Thank you for helping me know myself better and for finding quick, if not immediate methods to ease physical and mental symptoms. I have healed in ways I never imagined possible. Thank you Maryanne for everything.’ – R. R., Darwin, Australia

‘I experienced Maryanne’s work as kind, gentle, powerful and deeply helpful. In regards to ‘young’ deep wounds that I had worked with for many years, she offered me greater insight, clarity and a new way forward. I am very grateful and highly recommend her work.’ – S.D., California, USA

Thank you.I’m in tears as I read all of this. Yesterday’s session was profound. I feel noticeably different today. Eternally grateful.’ – J.P, Sydney, Australia

‘Maryanne’s skills lie in both the accuracy of her intuition, and the sensitivity and compassion with which she engages with her clients. In our session she took the time to word her observations precisely and verified from multiple perspectives the situation. In refining an understanding of the details, she helped me to see more clearly and accept emotionally the history of the topic and its effects. Although the session was a potentially challenging one, Maryanne’s ability to establish a safe and loving environment allowed us to work deeply and her presence helped me to feel more than I could have alone. At the end of the session I left with an intuitively grounded confidence in the healing journey. Thank you, Maryanne. You are a consummate professional.’- A.A., Perth, Australia

‘Thank you so much for the lovely healing on Monday night. It was transformative. I slept so well. I had the happiest of days yesterday so full of joy it was wonderful. Back down to earth today with a bit more frustration but it’s all part of the journey.’ – M..Z, Darwin, Australia

‘I consider Maryanne to be a friend with whom I’ve had many readings over the years.  Her insights and advise are invaluable in terms of my patterning as well as my spiritual sadhana and my physical health. I take notes and periodically review her readings as a refresher and reminder. In particular, there was an ‘in utero’ reading that explained so much about my relationship with my mother… I now have much deeper compassion and understanding of my mother and what she went through during her pregnancy with me.’ –  B.W., Kentucky, USA