Spirit Baby Communication: A little boy in Western Australia

What does it say about our times that many women today truly want to communicate with their babies before they are even conceived?

What does it say about our times that many women today truly want to communicate with their babies before they are even conceived?

It speaks of the love women have for their children from their first thought of them. It reminds  of the spiritual connection between mother and child that is alive even before birth.

Finally, it tells us that many women feel that spirit baby communication is completely possible.

Some would say that our culture for decades has been under the burden of an antiquated worldview, one that insists that only that which is material is real. If we cannot see it, touch it, hear it, smell it or taste it, then it does not really exist. And this worldview of scientific materialism also insists that unless something is proven by science, then it may not be true.

But the power of love is pushing this narrow view of life aside as more and more trust and know that spirit baby communication is not not only possible, but is something they long to participate in and enjoy. 

I often work/serve women who are trying to conceive. I connect intuitively with my client and see how energy is flowing in her body, see if I can feel any blocks to the flow of energy that might be affecting conception. Likewise, my work focuses on helping a woman feel into her love for her baby before conception and enjoy spirit baby communication with her child.

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of working with a woman* who had been trying to conceive for awhile. She was doing all the right things, including acupuncture, meditation, etc. but still she had not conceived her baby.

When I connected with her intuitively, she showed me a deep ambivalence about having a child. I even heard her words, “I don’t want to have a baby.” Our work together focused first on this resistance, this fear, of having a child, and it was not difficult for us to understand why. Before she was born, my client did not feel safe or nourished by her mother. Now years later, the prospect of having life inside her triggered the memories of her own first memories of life.

A second aspect of our work focused on spirit baby communication. We both assumed it was completely possible for my client to reach from her heart to her baby in spirit and invite her earthside.

Each session we focused on releasing the fear of having life inside her and on feeling her baby in spirit. And with each session, we could feel this being coming closer to her.

My client enjoyed spirit baby communication in a place of deep openness and deep trust in life, itself.

One night after our fourth or fifth session, I went to bed sensing her baby was coming very soon, and when I awoke the next day, I sensed s/he was here in utero. The next morning I received an email confirming the news that my client was pregnant. Her baby is due in July, 2019.

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

I can’t wait to meet her baby in July!

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