Pre-Birth Healing…. Pre-Birth Bonding – The baby born on my birthday!

Just a quick Google Search for Pre-Birth Bonding will bring up over 8 million references in less than five seconds!

Today more and more people know, either through their own research or through their own intuition, that it is possible to bond with a baby before birth.

Like many words that have become commonplace, though, pre-birth bonding often means many different things.

Some writers focus on activities like singing, talking to a baby, as conducive to pre-birth bonding, while others invite parents to enjoy quiet time, meditation and to ’listen’ for messages from their babies.

Whatever the activity, the hope is always the same – how can the relationship, in essence, the love between a parent and a child, be deepened even before they meet earthside?

In my work as a birth intuitive (someone who offers Intuitive Readings for babies before birth and their parents), I have sensed a great range in the capacity of parents’ ability to actually be present and allow love to flow to a child before birth.

While every mother I have worked with has wanted as much love as possible to be exchanged between their children and themselves, many are aware that this is not as easy as they would like to be.

Years ago, I discovered this myself when I completed an Intuitive Reading for a woman in Sydney, Australia, who was six months pregnant. She had had trouble conceiving and by the time she did, she dearly wanted this baby. Every cell in her body wanted to love this child and wanted to be the best mother she could be.

Yet when I connected intuitively with her baby before birth, it was clear that her mother’s love was not reaching this baby’s body, was not penetrating the cells of her body.

As this was the first Reading I had ever done for a baby before birth, I was not sure how to proceed. My client, herself, made the suggestion – “Why don’t you connect intuitively with me and see if I am stopping the love from flowing?”

Her suggestion was brilliant and her hunch was correct. The love – the gesture of giving feeling and attention, or being present, to and with another -was not able to extend to her child. There was fear holding the love back, an unconscious fear.

At this point, the focus of the Reading shifted to this young mother. She focused her awareness on feeling her fear, fear of being vulnerable and fear of extending herself to another. This fear was in her, and it manifested in every relationship of her life, so she told me.

After she allowed herself to feel this fear, it spontaneously began to release in her body. I could literally feel the love move from this mother to her baby. Now all we had to do is make sure the baby was receiving it, make sure that the baby was not afraid of taking the love in.

Fortunately, the baby could not have been more willing to accept the love. Through the intuitive connection with this baby, I could see and feel her expand energetically as the love penetrated her body.

A few months later, this baby was born. She happened to be born on my birthday, at almost precisely my moment of birth. Soon after she was born, she grabbed my finger with her tiny hand and squeezed it tight, very tight!

To this day, I wondered if she was trying to say, “Thank you.”

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

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