Intuitive Reading and Healing: Shaun and his Mum

burning bushIn this Intuitive Reading, watch how a mother’s willingness to grow changed her son’s life! And remember that this little boy had no idea that this Intuitive Reading was taking place!

Shaun is an 8 year old boy and is very loved. His mother, however, noticed that he did not seem to want to grow up. He often used baby talk, clung to her as she was trying to prepare meals, and even said that he wanted to remain a baby.

In my work as an intuitive, I call upon my intuition to feel how energy is flowing in my client’s body, and on this day, I wanted to see how energy was flowing in Shaun’s mother’s body.

Connecting with her, I felt a ’hole’, an emptiness, and I could sense that this began in her own childhood, even perhaps before she was born. It became clear that, unconsciously, she was clinging to Shaun to fill this space of emptiness in her.

When I switched my focus and intuitively connected with Shaun, he confirmed that he felt his mother was clinging to him. This frightened him, and his response was to cling more to his mother, even acting like a baby so that he always knew she would take care of him.

Shaun’s mother wanted to grow, not only for her own sake, but for her son’s. She realized that in order for Shaun to feel safe to grow up, she needed to feel and release her own fear of being alone, and her sorrow about having felt alone.

As Shaun’s mother acknowledged and felt these feelings, I could feel the shift in the energy flow of her son’s body. Shaun relaxed, he started to unwind. The fear
began to release from him.

The day after the Reading, Shaun greeted his mother in the morning with these words,

“I am so happy being alive. I love life.”

And he ran into the next room to play with his toys.

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