Birth Intuitions Current Testimonials

‘I want to thank you so, so much for your support and guidance in the lead up to Koa’s birth! We appreciate you so much! – J.M., Australia

‘Maryanne is an amazing person and healer and in the fertility world she makes you feel you are not alone. From her intention circle to her individual support, she goes above and beyond of what is to be expected. She truly cares about the individual and figuring out what may need healing in the body and the soul and how to best go about that. The fact too that she healed herself is reassuring, knowing that she lives the mind/body connection (she walks the walk). At the end of the day, she truly cares and has amazing skills as an extraordinary healer.’ –  E.K., USA

‘I just HAVE to first of all reinforce my gratitude for your work with my son. He really is just SUCH a different boy. Thank you so much!’ – T. M. Australia

‘Working with Maryanne helped me heal emotional blocks that allowed me to feel at peace about conceiving a child. We had only four or five sessions before I became pregnant, and I truly believe working with Maryanne was integral in supporting this happen. Thank you so much!’ – S. C., Australia, (Following a pre-conception Intuitive Reading)

‘I can’t tell you how grateful I am for such a gift and reading your whole email has brought me so more peace. I can’t thank you enough, I feel so glad I was lead to you and your incredible work!’ – N.K., UK

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ –  F.T., Australia, (Following a Baby before Birth Reading)

‘The day after our session, he was completely different. He got up and said, ’I am so happy being alive, I love life’. What a change from the day before! I am very grateful, Maryanne. Thank you so much.’ – J.B, Australia, (Following a Baby before Birth…and beyond Reading. Client is 10 years old).

‘During this my third pregnancy, I had felt and sensed my baby “nudging” me, a feeling that they wanted to communicate and by chance and luck I came across Maryanne’s website.  I am so glad that I did. I knew the reading would be interesting and that much benefit could be drawn from it, but I hadn’t envisaged that my baby’s message was to help me grow and heal, and in order to make the space they needed to arrive into our family life. Maryanne allowed me to feel very comfortable to honestly face the imbalance and difficulty in my own life, in my working so much and trying to do it all and the reasons which had led me there, which my baby clearly wanted and needed me to address!  Thanks to Maryanne’s understanding and interpretation of the reading, I feel guided and empowered to move forwards in positivity, and with a greater understanding of myself. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and for what has been an emotional and healing experience and I hope to work with Maryanne again.’ –  K.W., Great Britain

“Dear Maryanne. I want to thank you for the readings we had during pregnancy. It’s hard to put into writing the importance of the deep trust and understanding it brought me. It helped me connect and bond in such a big way with our baby and alleviated unnecessary concerns. From the bottom of my heart…thank you so very much.” – R.R., Melbourne, Australia

‘Once again, thank you for such an incredible experience. I’ve undergone many ‘healing sessions’ in the past, but your work is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Truly, you are a remarkably gifted woman and a gift to us all! THANK YOU.’ – C.O., Sydney, Australia

‘Maryanne, You are a gifted, thoughtful healer who truly cares and wants the best for your clients. It was clear from the moment we started speaking that you have a passion for helping others.  As a mother who second guesses herself and carries around a tremendous sense of guilt, your work with my young daughter provided an immense relief.  I now feel that I can connect with her on a deeper, more authentic level free of unnecessary worry.  It has been transformative.  You were also able to tune in so precisely to my pain and I can’t thank you enough for helping me find clarity and giving me tools to help alleviate it in the future. Thank you for being an integral part of my healing journey.’ – C.L., Boston, Mass.

‘I was surprised by what you saw in my body during our reading, but I immediately resonated with what you told me and now I can see my old programming very clearly. I felt held, safe and loved during our entire session, which I believe allowed me to face my fears and has already been so healing. I was also so relieved when you told me my baby is very resilient and completely fine. I couldn’t have been sure of that without your help and that message has bought me so much peace. After our session I felt physically and energetically lighter, I felt more open and I was excited to continue working on myself. I feel empowered with deeper knowledge of myself and tools to continue healing, outside of our session. When I visualise how my life could be if I practice the tools you’ve suggested to me and open my heart, it feels full of love and blessings. I can now see how I can be a better wife and mother and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you Maryanne.’ – J.M.,Victoria, Australia

‘I had two readings with Maryanne throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately we had quite a traumatic beginning to our pregnancy journey, losing a very close family member. I was worried about the impact this had on our baby. When I heard about Maryanne I instantly felt that she was the right person to speak to. I felt extremely comfortable, supported and safe talking to her – and the bond with our baby became even stronger. Having the guidance to provide him with the right support and environment, created a huge shift between the first and second readings. Each of these readings have allowed me to help our baby have an easier time and a happier life through pre-birth communication. Thank you for everything Maryanne, we are eternally grateful.’ – S.W., Victoria Australia

‘I feel more excited about being here than I ever have before and I sense that my child is also feeling the same way!’ –  L.H. Victoria, Australia