With 27 years of experience as a birth intuitive and therapist, I offer sessions for those who would like to communicate with their babies before birth or conception, and for those who have lost a child during pregnancy.

Birth Intuitions

Connect and communicate with your baby before birth.

Is it true that babies before birth, or even before conception, have feelings? Can they feel frightened to come into their bodies and be on this earth? Can they sense a parent’s struggle and want to help? If so, can we communicate with babies before they are born or conceived?


As a birth intuitive I can access the thoughts and emotions, both in a mother and her child, and invite a strong communication of love between them.

Years of work have confirmed that pre-birth consciousness is real, and that we have a wonderful opportunity to help children if we listen to them before birth or conception.

Whether you’re pregnant, trying to conceive or coping with loss, I can connect with your baby and communicate their thoughts and feelings to you.

For twenty-seven years I’ve worked with babies and parents, in both joyous and heartbreaking times, with one simple goal — to magnify the love that flows between parent and child.

how your life will look in the future?

I’d like to help you.

Allow me to use my intuition to feel your emotions, thoughts and memories, and delve deep into

an understanding of how your energy is flowing.

Together we can find a way to heal and grow.


One of my Baby before Birth clients soon after he was born!

The ways I can connect

As a birth intuitive, there are a number of different ways I can help you connect and communicate with your child.

Babies before Birth

Pre-birth communication

Pre-birth communication is a gift to both parent and child. Allow me to help you understand what your baby is feeling and allow your child to enter the world more stable and secure in your love. If your baby is struggling, we can find ways to help your child, or if you as the parent are finding it hard to connect due to your own past trauma, together we can find ways to help you heal. It’s a wondrous moment when an intuitive connection occurs between a mother and her child, and the gifts that flow from this connection are many.

Babies before Conception

Pre-conception communication

Through our intuitive connection, we will explore any thoughts, emotions, trauma or memories from the past that may be affecting your fertility in the present. This content at times may be completely unconscious and as we bring it to awareness, it can begin to release. Sometimes, but not always, a spirit-child may want to communicate during this session, and, if so, I share what I hear and sense. Yet the focus of this session is always to create a clear pathway within the mother’s own body for her baby to come in.

Loss of child communication

After losing a baby, there is often a cascade of different emotions, each feeling so intense on their own and sometimes overwhelming when combined. In this session, I help mothers release emotional pain/trauma, and find peace. Over the years I have helped many parents with compassion and understanding through some of the hardest moments of their lives. How your life will look in the future?

I’d like to help you.

Allow me to use my intuition to feel your emotions, thoughts and memories, and delve deep into an understanding of how your energy is flowing.

Together we can find a way to heal and grow.


How does a Birth Intuitions session work?

When you first reach out, we’ll dialogue by email or have a short chat so I’m able to understand your current situation and what you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll ask a little about your pregnancy or conception journey to better understand how I can help.

You can trust that I won’t work with anyone that I don’t feel I can truly help. You are my priority and if I feel I can’t deliver what you need, I’ll be sure to recommend another experienced professional.


About Me

I’ve worked as a birth intuitive for 27 years. I love connecting with babies before they’re born or conceived and sharing what children are feeling with their mothers.

I discovered the power of intuition in the growing/healing process when I was recovering from severe Environmental Illness. In order to heal, I had to live in extreme isolation from the world, in a room known as a ‘bubble’. Here I developed my intuition and called upon it to understand the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my illness.

Once I recovered, I began to teach and introduced Intuition in Healing courses to nurses, doctors and other health professionals at many Australian hospitals and universities.

The story of my healing has appeared in three TV documentaries, news features (ABC, Australia, BBC, Great Britain and ABC, USA).

I have a Master’s in Social Work degree and am the author of Love is the Healer, to be released in 2021.

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