Postcard from Justine

My dog thinks I am for internetMy dear friend and wonderful coach, Justine Peacock, sent me this card years ago, and, little did I know how much it would define my life in Portugal.

For five years in Portugal, I have focused on the care of Anaimas da Rua (animals of the street).

Well, not all of the animals are truly of the street. Some have had owners who did not have the resources to take care of them. Now, years later, all but a very few have died, almost always in my arms.

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Intuitive Reading and Healing: Shaun and his Mum

burning bushIn this Intuitive Reading, watch how a mother’s willingness to grow changed her son’s life! And remember that this little boy had no idea that this Intuitive Reading was taking place!

Shaun is an 8 year old boy and is very loved. His mother, however, noticed that he did not seem to want to grow up. He often used baby talk, clung to her as she was trying to prepare meals, and even said that he wanted to remain a baby.

In my work as an intuitive, I call upon my intuition to feel how energy is flowing in my client’s body, and on this day, I wanted to see how energy was flowing in Shaun’s mother’s body.

Connecting with her, I felt a ’hole’, an emptiness, and I could sense that this began in her own childhood, even perhaps before she was born. It became clear that, unconsciously, she was clinging to Shaun to fill this space of emptiness in her.

When I switched my focus and intuitively connected with Shaun, he confirmed that he felt his mother was clinging to him. This frightened him, and his response was to cling more to his mother, even acting like a baby so that he always knew she would take care of him.

Shaun’s mother wanted to grow, not only for her own sake, but for her son’s. She realized that in order for Shaun to feel safe to grow up, she needed to feel and release her own fear of being alone, and her sorrow about having felt alone.

As Shaun’s mother acknowledged and felt these feelings, I could feel the shift in the energy flow of her son’s body. Shaun relaxed, he started to unwind. The fear
began to release from him.

The day after the Reading, Shaun greeted his mother in the morning with these words,

“I am so happy being alive. I love life.”

And he ran into the next room to play with his toys.

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Pre-Birth Healing…. Pre-Birth Bonding – The baby born on my birthday!

Just a quick Google Search for Pre-Birth Bonding will bring up over 8 million references in less than five seconds!

Today more and more people know, either through their own research or through their own intuition, that it is possible to bond with a baby before birth.

Like many words that have become commonplace, though, pre-birth bonding often means many different things.

Some writers focus on activities like singing, talking to a baby, as conducive to pre-birth bonding, while others invite parents to enjoy quiet time, meditation and to ’listen’ for messages from their babies.

Whatever the activity, the hope is always the same – how can the relationship, in essence, the love between a parent and a child, be deepened even before they meet earthside?

In my work as a birth intuitive (someone who offers Intuitive Readings for babies before birth and their parents), I have sensed a great range in the capacity of parents’ ability to actually be present and allow love to flow to a child before birth.

While every mother I have worked with has wanted as much love as possible to be exchanged between their children and themselves, many are aware that this is not as easy as they would like to be.

Years ago, I discovered this myself when I completed an Intuitive Reading for a woman in Sydney, Australia, who was six months pregnant. She had had trouble conceiving and by the time she did, she dearly wanted this baby. Every cell in her body wanted to love this child and wanted to be the best mother she could be.

Yet when I connected intuitively with her baby before birth, it was clear that her mother’s love was not reaching this baby’s body, was not penetrating the cells of her body.

As this was the first Reading I had ever done for a baby before birth, I was not sure how to proceed. My client, herself, made the suggestion – “Why don’t you connect intuitively with me and see if I am stopping the love from flowing?”

Her suggestion was brilliant and her hunch was correct. The love – the gesture of giving feeling and attention, or being present, to and with another -was not able to extend to her child. There was fear holding the love back, an unconscious fear.

At this point, the focus of the Reading shifted to this young mother. She focused her awareness on feeling her fear, fear of being vulnerable and fear of extending herself to another. This fear was in her, and it manifested in every relationship of her life, so she told me.

After she allowed herself to feel this fear, it spontaneously began to release in her body. I could literally feel the love move from this mother to her baby. Now all we had to do is make sure the baby was receiving it, make sure that the baby was not afraid of taking the love in.

Fortunately, the baby could not have been more willing to accept the love. Through the intuitive connection with this baby, I could see and feel her expand energetically as the love penetrated her body.

A few months later, this baby was born. She happened to be born on my birthday, at almost precisely my moment of birth. Soon after she was born, she grabbed my finger with her tiny hand and squeezed it tight, very tight!

To this day, I wondered if she was trying to say, “Thank you.”

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

Pre-Birth Communication: The Story of Emma

It has been my privilege and pleasure to complete many Intuitive Readings for babies before birth, and in so doing, to facilitate pre-birth communication between a mother and her child.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to complete many Intuitive Readings for babies before birth, and in so doing, to facilitate pre-birth communication between a mother and her child.

Such pre-birth communication is always moving because both mother and child are so present with each other, and by present I mean that each is giving their full attention and feeling to the other.

Some communication, though, clearly is quite dramatic and such was the case with a Reading I completed about ten years ago for a baby before birth in the UK named Emma.

I had completed many Intuitive Readings for Emma* throughout her mother’s pregnancy. Each one confirmed that Emma was happy, feeling her mother’s love, and with each month, more and ready to come into the world.

So it came as a complete shock when, at the very end of the pregnancy, she asked,

“Am I going to die?”

As an intuitive who has completed many Readings for over twenty-five years, I know to cast the net wide when looking for an explanation for Emma’s question to her mother and me. In other words, I did not immediately presume that there was a physical life-threatening complication.

Instead I wondered if Emma, as birth was coming closer, was starting to sense fear that her mother had experienced during her own birth. When Emma’s mother was born her own mother had been very ill, actually near death. Did this fear get triggered in Emma’s mother as birth approached?  And was Emma feeling it now?

Emma did not answer my question. She simply repeated three times,

“Am I going to die?”

As she repeated the question, I knew it could not be ignored. I asked Emma’s mother to please go and see her obstetrician, even though she had just been there within the week and all was well. Her mother agreed.

Within a day, we knew that Emma’s life was in danger. The placenta was actually dying. An emergency Caeserean was scheduled for the next day. The night before, Emma’s mother had the strong sense that she must not lie down or go to sleep. She must walk, and keep walking all night until the operation the next day.

When Emma was born, the obstetrician commented on the condition of the placenta. Emma clearly would not have survived without the Caeserean right at this time, and the Caesearan would not have happened without the pre-birth communication between a daughter and her mother.

Only sixty years ago, it was presumed that babies could not communicate before they were born because their brains were not developed. Now we know that brain size does not limit a baby’s capacity to communicate. Babies before birth are fully sentient, or capable of feeling, have a feeling-knowing about their mothers and others, and often have a deep understanding of why they are coming to this earth.

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.


Spirit Baby Communication: A little boy in Western Australia

What does it say about our times that many women today truly want to communicate with their babies before they are even conceived?

What does it say about our times that many women today truly want to communicate with their babies before they are even conceived?

It speaks of the love women have for their children from their first thought of them. It reminds  of the spiritual connection between mother and child that is alive even before birth.

Finally, it tells us that many women feel that spirit baby communication is completely possible.

Some would say that our culture for decades has been under the burden of an antiquated worldview, one that insists that only that which is material is real. If we cannot see it, touch it, hear it, smell it or taste it, then it does not really exist. And this worldview of scientific materialism also insists that unless something is proven by science, then it may not be true.

But the power of love is pushing this narrow view of life aside as more and more trust and know that spirit baby communication is not not only possible, but is something they long to participate in and enjoy. 

I often work/serve women who are trying to conceive. I connect intuitively with my client and see how energy is flowing in her body, see if I can feel any blocks to the flow of energy that might be affecting conception. Likewise, my work focuses on helping a woman feel into her love for her baby before conception and enjoy spirit baby communication with her child.

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of working with a woman* who had been trying to conceive for awhile. She was doing all the right things, including acupuncture, meditation, etc. but still she had not conceived her baby.

When I connected with her intuitively, she showed me a deep ambivalence about having a child. I even heard her words, “I don’t want to have a baby.” Our work together focused first on this resistance, this fear, of having a child, and it was not difficult for us to understand why. Before she was born, my client did not feel safe or nourished by her mother. Now years later, the prospect of having life inside her triggered the memories of her own first memories of life.

A second aspect of our work focused on spirit baby communication. We both assumed it was completely possible for my client to reach from her heart to her baby in spirit and invite her earthside.

Each session we focused on releasing the fear of having life inside her and on feeling her baby in spirit. And with each session, we could feel this being coming closer to her.

My client enjoyed spirit baby communication in a place of deep openness and deep trust in life, itself.

One night after our fourth or fifth session, I went to bed sensing her baby was coming very soon, and when I awoke the next day, I sensed s/he was here in utero. The next morning I received an email confirming the news that my client was pregnant. Her baby is due in July, 2019.

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

I can’t wait to meet her baby in July!