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Maryanne offers four types of sessions.  Please consider which best suits your needs. If you have any questions about these sessions, please send an email to Maryanne and she will reply promptly

Babies before Birth Readings
These are 2 session Readings offered to women who are trying to conceive, women who are pregnant and women with small children. The cost is 140 Euros for a two session Reading. Each session is 75 minutes. Babies before Birth Readings are described here.

Intuitive Reading
This is a one-session Reading as described here. The cost is 100 Euros. The session lasts approximately 75 minutes.

Intuitive Reading and Healing
This is a two-session Reading, which includes Intuitive Healing as described here
The cost is 145 Euros. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.

Intuitive Healing
These sessions, as described here, last 75 minutes and cost 80 Euros. A package of three (3) sessions may be purchased for 185 Euros.

 All Intuitive Readings are conducted over Skype or Facebook Messenger.