BrainIllumine Session

BrainIllumine is a process of brain repatterning. It emerged from Maryanne’s desire to change a long-standing pattern in herself. Immediately after she said she felt good, she developed a symptom. It seemed that her brain simply could not accept feeling well without feeling threatened.

She studied the Gupta Amygdala Brain Retraining Program, then adapted it to be maximally beneficial and easy to do, both for herself and others.

The BrainIllumine process is based on three principles:

The brain is plastic. It can change at any point in life. Even established patterns can change.

The concept that ‘Neurons that wire together, fire together’: Through repetition of new patterns or, through allowing new neuronal pathways to develop and be repeated, the brain will change, or ‘fire’ differently.

Intimacy Heals:  Through feelings of relaxation, safety and love, even most resistant patterns change.

During a session, Maryanne makes an intuitive connection with her client and together they identify the pattern that needs to change. Her client practices the BrainIllumine process while Maryanne maintains this connection. Maryanne can observe what happens directly inside her client’s brain and body and fine-tune it to be most effective.

This intuitive connection, maintained throughout the BrainIllumine process, creates a cocoon for her client – a safe, caring space, where profound healing (re-patterning) can occur.

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To schedule a BrainIllumine Session, please fill out this formMaryanne will reply within 48 hours.

All BrainIllumine Sessions are via Skype and last approximately 90 minutes. A Session lasts 75- 90 minutes, The cost of the session is 100. Clients make the payment for their Sessions through Paypal at least 48 hours before their appointment.

After the date/time of the appointment has been confirmed, Maryanne sends her clients Practical Information sheet that outlines how to make the payment via Paypal and how to connect on Skype.

Individual follow-up appointments cost €65. A package of three follow-up appointments costs €135 (or €45 per session).

For more information, contact Maryanne.