Client and Student Testimonials

‘Your insight kept me utterly spellbound for the duration of the reading.’

‘This is the most rewarding, fulfilling, easiest and most enjoyable ‘work’ that I have ever done! You’re a star!’

‘You were able to reach out to me and be with me in a way that no one ever has before.’

‘Your reading was exquisite, incredible and wondrous.’

‘I have nothing but praise for the sensitive and intensive work you do.’

‘You’re a rare being with a rare talent.’

‘You seemed, almost, to be me.’

‘I, who never weep, wept all the way through it each time I sat with it.’

‘The reading was so DEEP that I’m still absorbing it all.’

‘I would like to say a million thankyous to you. You have touched my life in a way no one has before. You have touched the core of my soul.’

‘Thank you so much for your inspiring, healing energy. You are an inspiration!’

‘You have opened up my life and I can’t thank you or find words to adequately express the gift you have given me.’

‘Many thanks for the reading and healing. I found each session to be helpful and at the end, I always feel very relaxed. I LOVED the session we had – I can’t tell you how relaxed I was. Thank you.’

‘Just wanted to say thank you very much. It was very helpful and I feel much calmer. Your sessions are incredible and you are very insightful. Our session was incredibly helpful and I think you are a genius. I sometimes fall into states of deep gratitude that I get to know you and received your help.’

‘I feel very empowered by our session. Thank you. You are a very talented woman.’

‘What you have given me is, as always, such a HUGE GIFT. I have cried and laughed and despaired all the way through – relating to everything that you have said. I mean it, you’re on the money!’

‘Maryanne, wow! It was worth waiting for. Thank you for coming into my life.’

‘Thank you for making this happen. You are amazing!’

‘Thank you for your help and inspiration. It has been an honor meeting you.’

‘When I look back on this class and see my growth, I feel happy that I’ve achieved some growth and know that I can achieve much more.’ – Naturopathic student, Perth, Australia

‘I feel honored to have met you and been your student. Abundant thanks.’ – Naturopathic student, Perth, Australia

‘This has been a perfect end to my course. Thank you for helping me to expand my consciousness.’ – Naturopathic student, Perth, Australia

‘Thanks again for all your ‘amazingness’ and openness and being vulnerable with us and making it okay for us to be the same. Without your dedication and commitment to such a higher purpose, I wouldn’t be even half as complete as I feel today!’ – Naturopathic student, Perth, Australia

‘I wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful gift you have been to us all. Thank you for your capacity to share and to give so generously, fully and lovingly your gifts and your spirit.’ – Nursing student, Perth, Australia

‘Many thanks for your wonderful presentation. It was the best, as everyone with whom I’ve spoken, has agreed.’ – Natural Therapist, Perth, Australia

‘This course has reminded me that I am an Intuitive being and it has given me many tools to expand my ability. I specifically enjoyed Maryanne’s very calm and measured way of teaching.’ – Clinical Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing something special into my life.’
– Registered Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘This class teaches us to connect.’ – Naturopathic student, Perth, Australia

‘Thank you for making this class available. I feel I have grown so much just by being in this class.’
– Registered Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘I loved your class and I felt the strong need to tell you so!’ – Hospital caregiver, Perth, Australia

‘I loved the genuine charm and openness of Maryanne’s ability to explain using her own experience. I also loved her ability to gently draw on class experience to share in the group as examples.’ – Hospice Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘This course has given time the keys to unlock what has held me back. It has been fantastic.’ –Community Hospice Volunteer, Perth, Australia

‘What I most enjoyed about the course was Maryanne!’ – Community Hospice Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘Loved Maryanne. I loved the way she able to give examples and paint a picture. This allowed me to really grasp what was going on.’ – Staff Member, Community Hospice, Perth, Australia

‘I would love the class to be longer.’ – Community Hospice Volunteer, Perth, Australia

‘I take this opportunity with pleasure to thank you, Maryanne, so much for giving so much love, energy, passion and humor to our classes.’ – Community Hospice Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘I loved Maryanne’s way of being and teaching.’ – Registered Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘Maryanne was perfect! I loved the stories she shared with us.’ Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘This course has reminded me that I am an intuitive being and has given me the told to expand this ability.’ – Clinical Nurse, Perth, Australia

‘There has been a definite shift in my awareness – a calm, knowing and an excitement. I want to know more.’ – Community Hospice Therapist, Perth, Australia