The Diary of a Birth Intuitive

In the early 1980’s, when Thomas Verny, MD, and John Kelly’s book,The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, was published for the first time, it ‘landed’ in a world that presumed that babies before birth were not feeling beings.

Dr. Verny and his co-author made it clear that just the opposite was true!

Drawing upon scientific research and Dr. Verny’s clinical experience, the authors documented that babies before birth are:

  • Capable of learning
  • Able to warn us of medical problems
  • Able to hear and respond to voices and sounds, including music
  • Sensitive to their parents’ feelings
  • Capable of responding to love

In other words, they are active feeling human beings.

For the past thirty years, Maryanne Sea, MSW, has been communicating intuitively with babies before they are born, and has been honored to work with mothers, fathers and their children in many different countries around the world.

In her book, the Diary of A Birth Intuitive, you will meet:

a baby before birth, whose resilience was miraculous

a baby who was dying in utero but had an important message to convey to her mother

a baby who held his hands over his ears so that he did not have to hear his father’s voice

and a baby who could not feel his mother’s love even though she loved him very much

The world of pre-birth communication will always be both mysterious and illuminating. 

And it will likewise always be a pathway through which we are able to welcome babies into the world who feel loved, safe, embodied and resilient.

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