Current Testimonials (2019)

‘I think what our sessions with her have done is take away that level of fire and anger that was so deep seated. She is much more happy go lucky and amenable than before.She seems more balanced and happy in herself. Just happy – happy to comply, happy to follow instructions and happy to create. Less conflict. I know there is some more we can do but it has been a big shift!!! – J.B., Australia, referring to her 7 year old daughter

‘So, thank you again! I knew it would be an amazing experience to connect with you. But this was far beyond what I could have hoped for! And thanks to my friend for giving me this incredible gift and opportunity!’ –  N.C., Europe

‘When I started working with Maryanne I had been trying to conceive for 2.5 years without success and was feeling desperate and very down. She unveiled a lot of past trauma in my body’s tissue that was clearly preventing me from conceiving and helped me work through releasing this in the most beautiful, healing way. She has brought new life back into my body and I now feel open, full of joy and positive about the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maryanne, and for all the tools you’ve provided me with on my journey to health and happiness and closer to my baby.’ – N.D., Australia

‘Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I’m actually still a little speechless, it was intense but incredibly powerful and I’m just processing it all. I definitely feel lighter and I know it is going to help so much.’ – K.W., Australia 

‘I feel that you came on my path as an answer to my many prayers because I would find it so hard to release it myself, there was so much shame… I am grateful to you.’ – A.J., Europe 

‘Just learning about what you do made me pay attention to my son’s attempts to communicate with me and for me to openly communicate with my son while I was pregnant, and he always showed he was listening by kicking or channeling certain emotions or thoughts through me. The awareness of your existence and your gift changed everything, thank you. I am learning so much and I am so thankful!’ – L.H., Australia

‘Thank you Maryanne. It is reassuring to read your emails and to know that you are with me on this journey.’ – C.C., South America

‘I’m so grateful for all you’ve helped us with and I’m just so blown away and thrilled by how happy John has been to chat with you. Working with you had been a huge step for him and I know he’s so grateful too.’ – J.M.,Australia

‘I have been reading the book you recommended. It’s like finally having a map and finding your way out of the woods. It’s so comforting being seen and understood. It’s so validating.’ – A.C., Australia

‘Thank you, Maryanne! This is incredible. I feel very grateful and astounded.’ –N.C., Europe

‘Your insight is amazing!  Thank you so much for your help, Maryanne.’ – A.J., Australia

‘The words, phrases and communication that was shared are spot on, and I felt as though you were speaking directly to a more real part of me than anyone ever has in such a unique way. Thank you for this gift.’ – S.F., USA

‘Thank you so much again. I feel great. Today I did not rush at all and things that would fluster me did not. And my daughter seemed different, to me, more relaxed. And when I looked at her, I felt like I was seeing things for the first time.’ – T.M. Australia

‘Many thanks Maryanne for the time today. Moving into, and directly experiencing the isolation/aloneness in my tissues themselves is behind the exploration I have already done, and I so appreciate you pointing towards it.’ -A.M.G., USA.

‘I am so thankful for this work we are doing, I am sure you hear it all that time but what a gift you are; thank you for sharing it with me and my family.’ – L.H., USA

‘Thank you so much for our session last week! This is truly life changing for me.’ – A.J., Europe

‘You are such a generous heart, incredibly sensitive and clear. A gift to all who know you!’ – S.F.,USA

‘I feel more excited about being here than I ever have before and I sense that my child is also feeling the same way!’ – L.H. Victoria, Australia

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