Current Testimonials (2019)

‘Your insight is amazing!  Thank you so much for your help, Maryanne.’ – A.J., Australia

‘The words, phrases and communication that was shared are spot on, and I felt as though you were speaking directly to a more real part of me than anyone ever has in such a unique way. Thank you for this gift.’ – S.F., USA

‘Thank you so much again. I feel great. Today I did not rush at all and things that would fluster me did not. And my daughter seemed different, to me, more relaxed. And when I looked at her, I felt like I was seeing things for the first time.’ – T.M. Australia

‘Many thanks Maryanne for the time today. Moving into, and directly experiencing the isolation/aloneness in my tissues themselves is behind the exploration I have already done, and I so appreciate you pointing towards it.’ -A.M.G., USA.

‘I am so thankful for this work we are doing, I am sure you hear it all that time but what a gift you are; thank you for sharing it with me and my family.’ – L.H., USA

‘Thank you so much for our session last week! This is truly life changing for me.’ – A.J., Europe

‘You are such a generous heart, incredibly sensitive and clear. A gift to all who know you!’ – S.F.,USA

‘I feel more excited about being here than I ever have before and I sense that my child is also feeling the same way!’ – L.H. Victoria, Australia

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