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Babies before Birth with Maryanne Sea, MSW

For twenty years, Maryanne Sea has entered the wondrous world of pre-birth sentience and communication. She has completed many Intuitive Readings for babies before they are born, and yet continues to feel surprised – if not astounded – by what babies know, feel and want to communicate.

There is nothing predictable about these Readings. Some babies are determined to convey a message to a parent, while others simply want to share how they feel about coming into this world. But what is clear is that each baby is fully sentient, or capable of feeling, and also has a true ’knowing’ of the people that she or he is about to meet.

Sometimes a baby and the baby’s parents are facing a great challenge. Maryanne has completed Readings for a baby who has been dying in utero; a baby who was born with no brain function and a baby whose father committed suicide right before her mother learned that she was pregnant.

In every Reading, the hope and intention are the same: to magnify the love that flows between the child and parents, even if the circumstances, such as those mentioned above, are heart-breaking.

Today Maryanne is compiling the stories of these Readings for a book about Pre-Birth Sentience and Communication. To make sure the book is as representative and comprehensive as possible, she welcomes hearing from parents who would like to arrange a Reading.

These are 2 session Readings offered to women who are trying to conceive, women who are pregnant and women with small children. The cost is 125 Euros for the a two session Reading. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.

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