Depoimentos Profissionais

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‘Maryanne’s knowledge and passion for the field of mind-body medicine is unsurpassed.’ – Marc Cohen, MD, PhD, Director, Master’s in Wellness Program, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

‘The students loved hearing you speak about healing the whole person. You are the first person who has engaged the group totally.’ – Selma Alliex, PhD, Dean, University of Notre Dame, School of Nursing, Perth, Australia

‘The feedback from the students in this course indicates that this unit has been delivered to the highest level of satisfaction.’ – Dr. S. Jayawardana, Dean of Studies, Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth, Australia

‘Maryanne brings to her teaching a depth of life experience, professionalism and genuine healing. Participants, be they professionals or people experiencing a healing crisis or illness, gain much by her breadth and depth of knowing and her personal understanding of the complexities of change, growth and healing.’  – Dr. Loretta do Rosario, Wellness Coordinator, Cancer Support Association of Western Australia

‘I consider Maryanne to be a great asset to any facility with whom she works and partners. Maryanne’s contagious energy for her work stems from her desire to help others grow and heal.’ – Ms. Chris Hanna, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, St. John of God Hospital, Perth, Australia

‘Maryanne always demonstrates initiative, passion and commitment!’ – Ms. Robyn Sutherland, Director of Nursing, St. John of God Hospital, Murdoch, Australia

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