Fiel and Friends

Fiel and Friends is an animal welfare initiative in Ferragudo, Portugal.

Maryanne Sea began the initiative when she saw a very sick dog crouched under a truck. The dog was very thin, had an extreme skin condition and was terrified of human touch. Upon investigation, Maryanne learned that this dog, named Fiel, had been badly abused by his first owner, was left to wander the streets after this man died and was then hit by a car. He now lived in the garage of a kind local man.

Maryanne has visited and taken care of Fiel at least twice a day for the last three years and he now allows Maryanne to touch her. He also receives good food, medicine for his condition and nutritional supplementation. He is not perfectly healthy, but he is very happy.* Many other animals have followed over the last five years including Diana, the Chihuahua, Troia, the beautiful Pitbull, Juno, the brown dog with no hair, Fawfeenia and many cats, some of whom Maryanne has taken care of since birth.

In the five years since its inception, Fiel and Friends has helped close to forty animals with food, medicine, nutritional supplementation, energy healing and, most importantly, love and treats! Maryanne funds the expenses of feeding and caring for these animals through her Readings.

Maryanne gratefully acknowledges the support of APAA and the Refugio dos Burros, who have funded sterilisations and medical care for many dogs and cats.

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*Maryanne visited and took care of Fiel for 3.5 years. At the 2.5 mark, he allowed Maryanne to touch him. By the time of his death, she could massage him for as long as she wanted every day!

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