Frequently Asked Questions

What do babies communicate in a Reading?

Anything and everything! Some babies want to convey a message to a parent, whom they often know intimately. Other babies express that they are struggling with fear, sorrow or anger. Some are eager to express that they are fine; others want to relax and enjoy receiving the mother’s love. Finally, one baby wanted it known that she would not be coming on a day the mother hoped, but would be there by midnight on a date in July. She arrived at 5 minutes to midnight on the day she stated!

Do babies welcome a Reading?

In all the Readings I have completed, I have never “met” one baby who did not want to communicate through this intuitive connection.

What happens if a baby is feeling fear, sorrow or anger?

I approach this in the same way as I would any person having a Reading. I allow myself to fully feel the baby’s fear, sorrow or anger in my own body, as it’s through fully feeling that releasing can begin. At the same time, I help the baby’s mother work with her own breath, awareness and feeling (perception) in order to magnify the love she feels for baby. These two processes combined often help the baby release fear, sorrow or anger. In addition, there are other therapeutic modalities that may facilitate such healing.

How long does an Intuitive Reading take?

Maryanne’s Current Offering includes a two-session Intuitive Reading as described here, spaced apart by about a week. Each session takes approximately one hour. 

What does an Intuitive Reading with a baby before birth cost?

These are 2 session Readings offered to women who are trying to conceive, women who are pregnant and women with small children. The cost is 125 Euros for the a two session Reading. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes. 

However, if a mother-to-be cannot afford the fee, she should feel free to contact me to discuss options.

Is a father involved in an Intuitive Reading for a baby before birth?

A father can be involved in a number of ways:

  • The baby may have a message which I will pass on in the course of the Reading
  • The father can read the written summary of the Reading that is provided, and discuss the Reading with the mother.
  • The father can arrange to have his own Intuitive Reading with his baby.

Since I actually go into the body of the baby, and also go into the body of the mother, I cannot have three people present for the Reading present as it might result in my being confused if I started to sense emotions/sensations from a third person.

What words best describe the Intuitive Readings completed for babies before birth?

‘Profound, heartfelt, loving and healing’.

These are the words that mothers have conveyed, and they truly reflect what I hope to offer in these Readings.

What is the primary purpose of an Intuitive Reading with a baby before birth?

To magnify the love between the mother and child or the father and the child.

When I say love, I am referring to the surrender of feeling and attention to another. Just that.

In the Reading, we focus on releasing anything on the part of the baby or the parent that obstructs this flow of feeling-attention.