Havening Techniques® (“Havening”) form a groundbreaking approach that can address and resolve a variety of stress related issues and enhance strength and resilience in daily life. Havening was developed by Dr. Ronald Ruden, Ph.D., MD, and is grounded in Dr. Ruden’s study and research in the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology.

Doctor Ruden discovered how upsetting memories may become encoded in the brain With this knowledge, he developed Havening to help alleviate the distress associated with these past memories, and so, in turn, enabling an individual to live more fully in the present. Havening uses sensory input (touch) to achieve these goals, and thus Havening is called a psychosensory approach to personal growth.

Maryanne Sea, MSW Havening Practitioner

I have recently completed my Havening Certification and, in the process, completed almost 50 case studies, including two video demonstrations. 
I received these gracious words from my trainer, Elena Salzman Kindler.
You are an extraordinary woman with extraordinary gifts, not the least of which are your huge heart and your Havening skills! It was an honor being your teacher and mentor through your certification journey. I’m excited to see your continued contribution to the world!

I have seen Havening produce some wonderful changes in people’s lives, including:

~ A woman wanted to reduce the distress associated with a sexual assaut in her 20’s

Havening lowered the stress from an 8 to o.

 ~ A woman who wanted to reduce the distress of the memory of explaining to her partner that she needed to leave their 26 year relationship. Havening lowered the distress from 8 to o and it strenghtened her capacity to speak up for herself.

 ~ A woman was deeply betrayed by her partner. She felt desolate and could not find the strength to go on. After one Havening session, she said she felt like “a new woman, with a new perspective on life.”

and more!

What happens in a Havening session?
All Havening sessions are online and a session usually includes: · clarifying the focus of the session – what is the challenge my client wants to address? · thorough history-taking to uncover the earliest memories of this challenge. · rating the level of intensity of the challenge on a scale of 0-10. · demonstration of the four gentle Havening Touches, which my client uses on herself. · a client using the touches while enjoying simple conversations wtih me about her interests. · rating the reduction in intensity of the challenge, and when it is reduced significantly · employing Havening Touch to enhance strength and resilience in daily life.

Praise from Havening Case Study Clients:

“When I intentionally or by habit find myself thinking of the incidents we worked with, there is almost no emotional charge left in the memory. These were both traumatic events that I was sure would cast me into despair for the rest of my life whenever I thought of them, so it really does feel miraculous that in one session of Havening, they have lost their power over me. Case Study client in Australia

“I am deeply grateful for what I just experienced.”

Case Study client in Europe

“Thank you so much for the beautiful session. I am very grateful for the beautiful and safe space you facilitated for me and I feel like this has been a big step in my process.”

Case Study client in Europe

“Well that was perfectly wonderful. Havening is heavening. Thank you so much. I noticed so many shifts; and the most profound, perhaps, is that the feelings before the process were all over the place, back and forth from anger and fear to compassion up and down, pendulum swinging AND after the process, I feel calm, empathetic, compassionate and softer from my heart center.”

Case Study client in USA

“Havening is a beautiful way to approach healing… so gentle and positive.Case Study client, USA

Praise from my Havening Certified Trainer:

“You are an extraordinary woman with extraordinary gifts, not the least of which are your huge heart and your Havening skills! It was an honor being your teacher and mentor through your certification journey. I’m so excited to see your continued contribution to the world!


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