Healing with Babies before Birth

Years ago, a friend asked Maryanne if she could communicate with her unborn child.  She was not sure that this was possible. When she tried to intuitively connect with the baby, she discovered that it was not only possible; it was remarkable.

This baby knew his mother intimately: knew her thoughts and feelings, knew how she felt about him, and could even share his feelings about coming into this world.

This discovery prompted Maryanne to read about consciousness before birth. Soon she learned that babies in utero are highly sentient.  In other words, they feel and they feel deeply.

It is years later and Maryanne has completed many readings for babies before birth, including a Reading for a baby who was dying in utero; a Reading for a baby whose father committed suicide two weeks after her mother became pregnant; a baby whose parents had lost their first child in labor and were frightened to acknowledge their second child for fear of losing her as well as many babies who coming into the world did not have these complications, but who still had a lot to say!

In an Intuitive Reading with a baby before birth, Maryanne intuitively connects with the baby and talks to him or her. She then observes whether the baby is able to feel the love that the mother has for him/her or whether there is something obstructing the flow of love.  As in all readings, simply bringing the obstruction to light helps to release it, as both mother and baby are usually open to healing and growth.

Thus, the intention of every reading for a baby before birth is to magnify the love between the mother and the child and, by doing this, to give the baby a most auspicious start in life.  These readings are always marked by profound transformation and they are a joy for Maryanne to offer.

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