Intuitive Healing

In an Intuitive Healing session, Maryanne enters into an intuitive relationship with her client, which means she feels her client’s body inside her own. She then locates places where energy is contracted in her client’s body and rests her feeling-attention in these places.

Resting feeling and attention in any contracted place in the body invites the tissue to open and release its contents. Maryanne engages this process of feeling-releasing in her client’s body and  encourages her client to do the same, both during the session and afterwards.

While Maryanne focuses directly in her client’s body, she can also employ a number of healing modalities, including:

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) developed by Gary Craig and Nick Ortner
The Healing Codes developed by Alex Loyd
The Unseen Therapist developed by Gary Craig
Tapas Acupressure Technique developed by Tapas Fleming

In an Intuitive Healing session, Maryanne also considers decision making, goal setting and practical changes clients can make to facilitate growth and healing.

The intuitive relationship is the heart of Intuitive Healing. It provides a sense of safety and ease and sets the stage for deep healing.

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After the date/time of the appointment has been confirmed, Maryanne sends her clients a Practical Information sheet that outlines how to make the payment via Paypal and how to connect on Skype.

An Intuitive Healing session, as described here, lasts 75 minutes and cost 80 Euros. A package of three sessions of 75 minutes each costs 185 Euros. The three sessions can be used anytime within six months.

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