With 30 years of experience as an intuitive and therapist


Intuitive Transformations

Allow me to feel your emotions, thoughts and create space for you to heal.

Is life feeling overwhelming? Do you feel confused or ‘stuck’?

Are you struggling to move on from pain in your past or concerned about

how your life will look in the future?

I’d like to help you.

Allow me to use my intuition to feel your emotions, thoughts and memories, and delve deep into

an understanding of how your energy is flowing.

Together we can find a way to heal and grow.


What is an Intuitive Transformation session?

I offer two different Intuitive Transformation sessions. In each of these sessions, I make a heartfelt intuitive connection with you that allows me to feel what you are experiencing in your body now, and what you may have ‘stored’ in your body as a result of past experiences.

Below you will find a short written description of these four Intuitive Transformation sessions and a short audio description of each as well.

If you are unsure which type of session would help you, we can discuss over email or can arrange a time for a complimentary chat.


In an Intuitive Renewal session,

I connect with you and can access the core emotions, thoughts and memories that relate to a current life challenge. I hold space for you and invite you to feel the content that your body is storing. As we listen together and feel deeply within the tissue of your body, the transformation begins, content releases, and opening follows.

In her own words -Maryanne presents Intuitive RENEWAL

Intuitive Tapping

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an approach that has proven its effectiveness for decades. It can easily be learned and practiced by anyone on their own. In this session, I use my intuitive ability to access the thoughts and emotions that relate to a specific challenge or trauma from the past. As I am intuitively connected to your body, I can Tap on my own body, and my client feels a lessening of the pain, tension or struggle in their own body.


In her own words -Maryanne presents Intuitive Tapping

How does an Intuitive Transformation session work?

When you first reach out, we’ll chat by email or speak on a complimentary call so I’m able to understand your current situation and what you’re hoping to achieve. (click here to organize a complimentary 30 minute chat).

Once we feel that we are a good ‘fit’, that I can truly help you with whatever you’d like to resolve, we organize a time for a session.

You can trust that I won’t work with anyone that I don’t feel I can truly help. This is why I spend time communicating with you first – to make sure I can be of help. Your healing and growth is my priority and if I feel I can’t deliver what you need, I’ll do my best to recommend an approach or professional that could be more helpful.

About Me

For 30 years I’ve been working with people facing many different challenges in life, helping them get to the source of their challenge and together discovering the pathway for their growth.

I call upon my intuition to help me know exactly the emotions, thoughts and memories from the past that your body is storing, and in the safe space of this intuitive embrace, we invite this content to release.

I discovered the power of intuition in healing when I was recovering from severe Environmental Illness. In order to heal, I had to live in extreme isolation from the world, in a room known as a ‘bubble’. Here I developed my intuition and called upon it to understand the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my own illness.

The story of my healing has appeared in three TV documentaries, news features (ABC, Australia, BBC, Great Britain and ABC, USA).

Once I recovered, I began to teach and introduced Intuition in Healing courses to nurses, doctors and other health professionals at many Australian hospitals and universities. I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and am the author of Love is the Healer, a book about my healing journey.

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If you’re ready for your transformation to begin, feel free to get in touch.

All photos taken by Cory Sea in Ferragudo, Portugal