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Thanks to Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) and others, we now know that the cells/tissue of the body store emotion, thoughts and specific memories of painful experiences from the past.

In an Intuitive Reading, Maryanne calls upon her intuition to feel deeply inside her client’s body and then articulates how the energy is flowing. This means she feels where energy is flowing well or where it tends to be obstructed. When it is obstructed, she is able to feel the emotions, thoughts and the previous life experiences that relate to this obstruction of the flow of energy.

The goal of a Reading, though, is not to give her clients lots of information. Maryanne’s goal is, together with her client, to invite the tissue of her client’s body to release the content that is stored there and so to allow energy to flow more freely.

This process can be applied to many contexts of life, including, physical/emotional health, relationships, financial well-being, decision-making, and one’s work life.

While profound, Maryanne’s Readings are marked by a simple clarity and practicality. Every client leaves a Reading with one or more tools to support their own growth/healing. To learn more about the process of an Intuitive Reading listen here.

After an Intuitive Reading, clients can access an Intuitive Healing session. To find out more click here.

If you are interested in Maryanne’s Birth Intuitions work, which includes

Baby before Birth Intuitive Readings
Pre-Conception Intuitive Readings
Intuitive Reading surrounding Loss around Birth

Birth Intuitions work is described here.

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