Intuitive Readings/Healing

Current Discounted Fee Schedule applies to all Intuitive Readings/Healing through the month of November. For details of this Current Discounted Offering, please read here.

An Intuitive Reading is marked by clarity and profundity. Maryanne calls upon her intuition to feel deeply inside her client’s body and then articulates as precisely as she can how the energy is flowing. The process of an Intuitive Reading can be applied to many life challenges such as health, relationships and wellbeing.

Where the energy is contracted, Maryanne feels into this contraction and identifies the thoughts, emotions, traumatic memories that are contained within this contraction.

While she shares this content with her client, the focus of a Reading is not on the content, or the information, itself. The focus is on her client’s feeling the content inside her own body and so releasing it. And this feeling-releasing, this healing, occurs through the intimacy of the intuitive relationship.

This process of feeling deeply inside the body and allowing content to emerge and be released is the very process Maryanne engaged in for many years (and still does today) to help her recover from extreme Environmental Illness. When clients comment that their Reading was so deep, it is because Maryanne had to enter into this depth over and over in order to move beyond allergies to everything in modern life.

While profound, Maryanne’s Readings are marked by a simple clarity and practicality. Every client leaves a Reading with one or more tools to support their own growth/healing.

Please see Testimonials from current and past clients below to learn more about how Maryanne’s Intuitive Readings have helped others.

To book a session with Maryanne, please email Maryanne at 

Intuitive Reading
This is a one-session Intuitive Reading as described here. The session lasts 75 – 90 minutes. 

Intuitive Reading and Healing 
This is a 2-session Intuitive Reading/Healing and is described here. Each session is 75 – 90 minutes.

Following an Intuitive Reading session, clients can access an Intuitive Healing session. 

Intuitive Healing

This session is for those who have completed an Intuitive Reading session with Maryanne and would like to arrange follow-up sessions.

A single Intuitive Healing session is described here. A package of three sessions may be purchased for 180 Euros.

All sessions are conducted over Skype or Zoom. If you have any questions about these sessions, please send an email to Maryanne and she will reply promptly 

Please see 2016-18 Testimonials, Current Testimonials (2019) and Client and Student Testimonials to learn more about how Maryanne’s Intuitive Readings have helped others.

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