Powerful Intentions

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

I have always appreciated Margaret Mead’s words, and these words have inspired me to create and offer ‘Powerful Intentions’.

A second inspiration for Powerful Intentions is the work of Lynne McTaggart, the well-respected UK researcher whose Power of 8 (groups, book and community) have demonstrated, without a doubt, that a small group of committed people can – and do – change the world.

In Powerful Intentions, eight women (we have yet to have a men’s group, but we will!) meet online once a week for four weeks. Each week, two members of the group are the recipients of powerful intentions. This means that the members of the group send strong, loving and clear energy to the particular intention that the recipient has shared with the group.

Let me give you some examples:

We have had several women ask for powerful intentions to help them conceive children; while others have asked for help in finding new employment, sale of a house or healing of a particular condition.

Everyone who has ever participated in these groups feels their power. They feel that they have truly received strong and clear support, and they feel that they have also been able to extend this to others.

And, what’s more, as Lynne’s research has documented – the givers of Powerful Intentions often notice blessing and healing in their own lives after they have offered this clear and heartfelt support to others.

Here is the response from one woman who participated in Powerful Intentions in 2019.

This woman asked for help in conceiving a child.

I could never imagine until this very moment in life that love is everywhere and it is everything that matters. You can feel it no matter the physical distance. The embryo transfer took place a while ago and one perfect soul started the journey of life honoring me to be his or her mother. Words aren’t enough to express the feeling of that moment.

May God bless you all for helping welcome this baby. No matter the outcome, this world needs people like you. On my behalf I send love and blessings to each one of you, wishing your wildest dreams ever come true…Love from Greece.

A month after receiving Powerful Intentions, this woman from Greece conceived identical twin girls. She gave birth to the girls in 2020. All her life she had wanted to be a mother, and she gave birth to the girls at 50 years of age!

The four week Powerful Intentions groups are offered several times a year, and are free to all who would like to participate. Please send an email to me at if you are interested in joining a group.