Imagine eight women coming together with the express goal of helping each other realize their hopes and dreams. Yes! That’s what we do in Powerful Intentions.

In silence, and with heartfelt intention, we imagine the hope or dream of the future become alive and real in the present in each woman’s life.

Powerful Intentions is held virtually over four weeks – one hour per week – and is modeled on the work of brilliant UK researcher, Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Power of 8.

Women from all different countries have participated in Powerful Intentions over the last five years, and this group has always been offered on a complimentary basis.

We have produced wonderful outcomes for participants – and even a few miracles – in these groups. Shortly after receiving Powerful Intentions, we have witnessed:

~a woman find a buyer for her house in twenty minutes (she’d been waiting a year)

~a woman find a publisher for her book and receive unexpected financial support

~a woman feel the weight of chronic illness lift off her

~a woman feel several doors open for her coaching business

~several women conceive children that they had been waiting for, sometimes for a long time

~a woman conceive and give birth to perfectly healthy identical twin girls – their mother is 50!

And it is not simply receivers who benefit, those who give do, too. This is what McTaggart’s research demonstrated – that those who give often notice unexpected positive changes in their own lives after they have given to others.

Here are comments from 2021 Powerful Intentions participants:

“It feels like a blessing to co-create your desire with soul-minded, conscious people around the globe. And it was absolutely fantastic to connect everyday between our meetings with others’ intentions. This group reminded me that we are all together.”

“Powerful Intentions is a beautiful, impactful program. I could feel the universe aligning in my favor to help me achieve my goals. It truly is an hour to be part of a like-minded group where women hold space for each other’s highest desires. Maryanne has the ability to turn strangers into soulful connections by leading with grace and purpose. My experience with Powerful Intentions is nothing short of perfection. If you ever get to chance to work with Maryanne, run (don’t walk) because you’ll be transformed forever.” 

“Powerful Intentions reminded me that our presence with others is the most powerful thing, not our desire to help or fix. Beyond the fact that I find Maryanne’s voice so soothing, it was so lovely to gather this kind hearted group of women from all over the world to support each other.”

“I could never imagine until this very moment in life that love is everywhere and everything that matters. You can feel it no matter the physical distance .The embryo transfer took place a while ago and one or more perfect souls started the journey of life honoring me to be his or her mother .. Words aren’t enough to express the feeling of that moment.
May God bless you all. No matter the outcome, this world needs people like you..On my behalf, I send love and blessings to each one of you, wishing your wildest dreams ever come true … Love from Greece.”

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