Pre-Birth Communication – The Story of Emma

It has been my privilege and pleasure to complete many sessions for babies before birth, and in so doing, to facilitate pre-birth communication between a mother and her child.

Such pre-birth communication is always moving because both mother and child are so present with each other, and by present I mean that each is giving their full attention and feeling to the other.

Some communication, though, clearly is quite dramatic and such was the case with a Reading I completed for Emma about twelve years ago.

I had completed many sessions for Emma throughout her mother’s pregnancy. Each one confirmed that Emma was happy, feeling her mother’s love, and with each month, more and ready to come into the world.

So it came as a complete shock when, at the very end of the pregnancy, she asked,

“Am I going to die?”

As an intuitive who has completed many Readings for over twenty-five years, I know to cast the net wide when looking for an explanation for Emma’s question to her mother and me. In other words, I did not immediately presume that there was a physical life-threatening complication.

Instead I wondered if Emma, as birth was coming closer, was starting to sense fear that her mother had experienced during her own birth. When Emma’s mother was born her own mother had been very ill, actually near death. Did this fear get triggered in Emma’s mother as birth approached?  And was Emma feeling it now?

Emma did not answer my question. She simply repeated three times,

“Am I going to die?”

As she repeated the question, I knew it could not be ignored. I asked Emma’s mother to please go and see her obstetrician, even though she had just been there within the week and all was well. Her mother agreed.

Within a day, we knew that Emma’s life was in danger. The placenta was actually dying. An emergency Caeserean was scheduled for the next day. The night before, Emma’s mother had the strong sense that she must not lie down or go to sleep. She must walk, and keep walking all night until the operation the next day.

When Emma was born, the obstetrician commented on the condition of the placenta. Emma clearly would not have survived without the Caeserean right at this time, and the Caesearan would not have happened without the pre-birth communication between a daughter and her mother.

Only sixty years ago, it was presumed that babies could not communicate before they were born because their brains were not developed. Now we know that brain size does not limit a baby’s capacity to communicate. Babies before birth are fully sentient, or capable of feeling, have a feeling-knowing about their mothers and others, and often have a deep understanding of why they are coming to this earth.

*All identifying characteristics and details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.