Prices & FAQs


Intuitive Transformations

Intuitive Healing and Intuitive Coaching sessions

One 90 minute session – 115 Euros

Two 90 minute sessions – 200 Euros

Three 90 minute sessions – 285 Euros

Wherever possible, I ask clients to schedule two Intuitive Healing or Coaching sessions.

Intuitive Tapping – 45 – 60 minutes – 70 Euros

Intuitive Co-Trance Healing – 45 – 60 minutes – 70 Euros

I always offer some sessions at reduced cost each month,

so if you need a discount, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Do I need to prepare in any way for an Intuitive Transformation session?

Yes, the more relaxed you are the better. So if you can spend a few minutes unwinding before we speak, this is perfect.

Also, I will send you a short recording that explains the Intuitive Transformation process once again.

How do we connect?

We connect over Skype or Zoom, depending on your preference.

How long does an Intuitive Transformation session take?

An Intuitive Healing session takes 90 minutes.

An Intuitive Tapping session takes 45-60 minutes.

An Intuitive Coaching session takes 90 minutes.

An Intuitive Co-Trance Healing session takes 60 minutes.

What will I feel like after the session?

Some clients feel quite energized after the session, while others feel quite tired, and even sleep for hours.

It does take energy to grow so if you are tired, it is good to rest as much as you conveniently can.

Will Maryanne send me links of modalities/tools that we have determined will help me?

Yes, I will send you the links to any modalities we consider, e.g., Guided Meditation,

Emotional Freedom Technique, Assertion, Positive Psychology, Journaling.



Birth Intuitions

Baby Before Birth Communication

1 session, 90 minutes – 100 Euros

2 sessions, 90 minutes – 185 Euros

3 sessions, 90 minutes – 265 Euros

Most clients choose to have one session, but if a second one seems valuable, my clients can pay for the additional session at the reduced cost of 185 Euros for the two sessions.

Some mothers ask me to work with them at regular intervals through the pregnancy, and so these clients will choose the 3 session option.

Baby before Conception Communication

1 session, 90 minutes – 100 Euros

Healing through Pregnancy Loss

1 session, 90 minutes – 100 Euros

I always offer some sessions at reduced cost each month,

so if you need a discount, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


What do babies communicate in a session?

Anything and everything! Some babies want to convey a message to a parent, whom they often know intimately. Other babies express that they are struggling with fear, sorrow or anger. Some are eager to express that they are fine; others want to relax and enjoy receiving the mother’s love. Finally, one baby wanted it known that she would not be coming on a day the mother hoped, but would be there by midnight on a date in July. She arrived on the date she stated at 5 minutes to midnight!

Do babies welcome a session?

I have never “met” one baby who did not want to communicate through this intuitive connection, and this is after 27 years of offering this service.

What happens if a baby is feeling fear, sorrow or anger?

I approach this in the same way as I would any person having a session. I allow myself to fully feel the baby’s fear, sorrow or anger in my own body, and through this intuitive connection, the baby may begin to release these emotions in his/her body.

At the same time, I help the baby’s mother work with her own breath, awareness and feeling (perception) in order to magnify the love she feels for baby. These two processes combined often help the baby release fear, sorrow or anger. In addition, there are other therapeutic modalities that may facilitate such healing.

What words best describe the sessions completed for babies before birth?

‘Profound, heartfelt, loving and healing’.

These are the words that mothers have conveyed, and they truly reflect what I hope to offer in these sessions.

What is the primary purpose of a session with a baby before birth?

To magnify the love between the mother and child or the father and the child.

When I say love, I am referring to the surrender of feeling and attention or the capacity to be present with another. Just that.